Le 5 Novembre - Andrew

Bientot on va celebrer le 5 novembre. En GB c'est le jour ou on se souvient de Guy Fawkes qui a essaye d'exploser le Parlement a Londres en 1605. On a des feux d'artfices. Ils sont chouettes mais tres dangereux. Donc voici notre code de surete.

1.Don't return to a lit firework.
2.Keep pets indoors.
3.Only adults should light fireworks.
4.Light fireworks in safe places.
5.Keep a safe distance away from fireworks.

Here is a little poem,
Remember remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.


Groupe scolaire de la Masserine said...

Hello my name is Malo.
In France, we set off fireworks because it's the 14th of July. It's the storming of the Bastille (symbole of revolution). The Bastille was the prison of the king.

collège dieulouard said...

On friday september twent-eight,we go in the streets and paths of dieulouard to pick up the trash of people.We pick up a lot of glass and plastic bottles.We collect newspaper and paper.Everything is going to be recycled.

collège dieulouard said...


On fifty persons

We askquestionsat pupils
And we makea pourcentage about our response
After we begin a text about tabbacco and children teenagres