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Connor - My Evaluation on Passeport Sante

My evaluation.
Passeport Sante has really helped my french come along and made me more confidant, it has also taught me about blogs and a lot more french than I've been taught in my normal french class. I am very lucky to be part of the group as only eight pupils were chosen to learn more french.


Scottish Education Awards 2007

Scottish Education Awards 2007 by Andrew J.

The Award Ceremony
On the 15th of June some children from our school went to the City Halls to receive an award. It was so thrilling. Some of us went on the stage to receive the International Award. I was one of them. It was scary and fun at the same time.We then went to a room to get our photo taken. After the ceremony we all went to the main hall of the old fruitmarket to get something to eat.The food was delicious .In the end it was a day enjoyed by all.

Scottish Education Awards 2007 - Beth

The Award Ceremony
On Friday 15th June six lucky children had the chance to go to the Scottish Education Awards ceremony in the City Halls. I was so excited. We won the International award and were in the top three in Scotland for ICT. We won £1000 for the school. Sally Magnusson presented the awards.
After the awards we had a lovely three course meal. For starter we had pineapple, for lunch we had sausages with mash potatoes and for desert we had chocolate mousse with ice cream.
For entertainment there was a man who went into a giant balloon and another man who was doing card tricks . We were given a bag which had a t-shirt, juice, pencils, a pen, a ruler, a notebook, a book, a book discount and sweets.All the girls were given flowers. It was fantastic!

Scottish Education Awards 2007 - By Kylie

The Award Ceremony
As we approached the City Halls I was just so nervous and excited. I'd been chosen to represent the school as we had been nominated as finalists in the Scottish Education Awards for 2007. We had been nominated for both catogeries ICT and the International Award. As we entered the City Halls we headed up the stairs and then we went to the breakfast reception.
After that we went to the Grand Hall for the awards ceremony. When Sally Magnusson announced the winner of International award, Kelvin, Andrew and I were all overwhelmed and over the moon that we'd won. So we whooped and cheered and just started giggling. We headed for the stage and as Fiona Hyslop handed us the trophy we flashed big, cheesy grins for the cameras.
We had lunch at the old fruitmarket which used to be used for auctions. While we waited for our lunch a magician entertained us with magic tricks which were magical!
We also watched a stunt man going into a gigantic green balloon like the magicians you see on television. As we left with our goodie bags and our International award we were still overwhelmed with winning. It was definitely a life-changing experience and if I could do it again I definitely would!


L'environnement by Holly

Dans notre ecole il y a beaucoup de poubelles ou on
peut recycler les portables, les bouteilles en plastiques et
les papiers.La semaine derniere il y avait une semaine
de sante. On a eu des visiteurs qui sont venues pour
nous donner des cours de sante.


L'Environnement by Andrew J.

Dans notre ecole il y a un groupe d'enfants qui s'appellent les guerriers ecologiques.

Ces enfants, ainsi que tous les autres enfants dans l'ecole recyclent beaucoup d'objets comme les bouteilles en plastique, les portables qui ne marchent plus et les papiers tombe par terre.

Aussi, on donne a manger aux oiseaux et on plante des fleurs.

La semaine derniere on a eu une semaine de sante.

L'Environnement by Andrew W.

Dans notre ecole nous apprenons a prendre soin de notre environnement. Nous recyclons les bouteilles en plastique, les portables qui ne marchent plus et les cartouches a encre.

La semaine derniere on a eu une semaine de sante ou on a fait des jeux comme le saut a la corde, le judo et une infirmiere nous a donne des cours d'hygiene.

L'Environnement by Chloe

A notre ecole on a eu une semaine de sante avec beaucoup d'activites comme le judo, et le saut a la corde.

Chaque annee on a une semaine ou les enfants doivent aller a l'ecole a pied.

Dans notre ecole nous recyclons les bouteilles en plastique, les papiers, et les cartouches a encre.


L'Environnement by Beth

Dans notre ecole il y a des poubelles ou on peut recycler le papier, le plastique et les portables. Il y a une groupe d'enfants, les guerriers ecologiques, qui font du jardinage, qui ramassent du papier et qui donnent a manger aux oiseaux.

L'Environnement by Kelvin

Dans notre ecole nous recyclons beaucoup de choses par example le papier, le plastique et les portables. Chez moi on recycle les boites de conserve.

A Woodhill il y a un club que l'on appelle "Les guerries ecologiques". A ce club les enfants apprennent comment recycler, jardiner et prende soin des animaux.