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Breaking News!

In June 2008, we were delighted to receive an invitation to attend an award ceremony in London on the 16th July hosted by Sir Trevor MacDonald. We were invited as one of the twelve UK finalists for awards from the Centre for Information on Language Teaching (CILT) which is the Government's recognised centre of expertise on languages. Their mission is to promote a greater capability in languages amongst all sectors of the UK population.
Pupils and staff from Woodhil Primary School were recognised for their work in modern languages including Passeport Sante et Citoyennete, a project in which Primary 7 pupils have been learning French through blogs and podcasts.The project has been based around the themes of good health and citizenship as part of an Anglo-Franco-Scottish project linking schools in three countries.
Bloggingand podcasting mean that learners can link with partners and communicate using text and sound. The children are proud of their blogs and are thrilled when they receive comments and feedback from people in other schools and countries.
The blogs and podcasts, which include lessons for learners as well as their own recordings, provide the opportunity for the pupls to work at their own pace, which they truly appreciate. The mix of language and technology has proved extremely popular with pupils keen to access the podcasts in their free time both at school and at home.
Using these technologies, pupils have made impressive progress in learning French.
This work will be showcased at the Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow this month.
Do click on the news article. This will allow you to read what the press said about our wonderful trip to London.

Do click on the news article. This will allow you to read what has been said about our wonderful trip to London.



Once again this year Woodhill Primary School entered the prestigious
Rencontres Theatrales drama competition where pupils perform a short play entirely in French. This year the competition took place in Aberdeen and the children's performance of "Aladin" was truly remarkable. It so impressed the judges they awarded them not only the "Best Acting" prize but
also the distinguished " Premier Prix" which is presented to the most outstading performance in Scotland.
Do click on the link to see the children's performance of Aladin - une adaptation des Contes des Mille et Une Nuits.


Our Passeport Santé Slide Show

On Thursday 16 April colleagues from our partner schools in France and England, along with members of Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Scottish Executive, met to discuss the way forward with our project "Passeport Santé et Citoyenneté."
We enjoyed seeing them all again, catching up on news from abroad and exchanging ideas. We look forward to meeting them again hopefully in the not too distant future.


Au Cafe

The children in Primary 7 have been learning all about "the cafe" in French and now know how to order food if they go to France on holiday.
They have recorded themselves pretending to be in a cafe. First of all you will hear the angry customer followed by the satisfied customer.
The angry customer
Bonjour, ça va?
Ça va bien, merci.
Vous désirez?
Je voudrais un hotdog, des frites et une limonade s’il vous plaît.
Oui, d’accord.
C’est bon?
Non! C’est mauvais!
C’est froid.
L’addition s’il vous plaît.

Ça fait dix euros, s’il vous plaît.
Non! 0 euros!
Au revoir!

The satisfied customer
Bonjour, ça va?
Bonjour, ça va bien.
Vous désirez?
Je voudrais une pizza au jambon et fromage s’il vous plaît, et des frîtes.
C’est bon?
C’est délicieux!
L’addition s’il vous plait.
Ça fait 10 Euros.
A bientôt.
A bientôt.


LT Scotland Visits Woodhill


Film Day - Caitlin C

Film Day was really good fun. We had to practise a lot during the week but it was all worth it in the end. It was brilliant when they filmed us because we had never experienced anything like this before. I was really nervous but I think everyone was. When we had finished filming the man showed us all the equipment and what it was used for. That was a real treat. Film Day was a great day and I had a lot of fun !

LTS Film Crew Visits Woodhill

Nos Blogs et Podcasts
Nous avons rencontré un tel succes avec nos cours de français et nos échanges internationaux que nous avons été choisi par Learning and Teaching Scotland pour démarrer le pilotage du projet Passeport Santé et Citoyenneté. Aussi comme le niveau d’ICT dans notre école est extremement élevé, nous avons pris la décision d’utiliser les blogs et podcasts comme une platforme d’échange avec la France.

Même si Passeport Santé n’est réellement éffectif que depuis 2007, nous avons commencé à faire des blogs et podcasts depuis 2005 pendant les cours de français avec les enfants agés de 9 et 10 ans. Pendant cette période nous avons recherché differents moyens pour illustrer le travail des enfants sur les blogs, c’est à dire à travers des films , des diaporamas et des bandes dessinées

Nous avons récemment reçu deux prix, récomponsant nos efforts dans l’établissement des rélations internationales avec notre école. Tout d’abord en juin, le Scottish Education International Award et en octobre, le prix “Woodhill Made IT Happen”. Pour ceci nous sommes allés avec deux enfants du projet Passeport Santé au Parlement de Westminster à Londres. C’était une journée extraordinaire!


Our Award Winning "Woodhill Made IT Happen" Powerpoint Presentation

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Six children from Woodhill Primary school were the lucky winners of a prestigious Scottish and UK - wide technology competition " Make IT Happen".
In October 2007 they were invited to attend a special awards ceremony at the Palace of Westminster in London where they were awarded a prize of £3500 for their school by the Speaker of the House of Commons.
We invite you to watch out powerpoint presentation which showcases the work done by the pupils in winning the " Make IT Happen " awards.
We hope you enjoy this presentation .