Passeport Sante Team reply to Jeff McGuire

Thank you very much for your kind comments
I am very glad to be part of this project.The reasons being are for me and my partners to learn more French and to have a good time doing it.It is very exciting to be part of this because French is truly one of my favourite subjects.I'm sure that Christopher,Kirsty,Caitlin,Andrew and the others are enjoying it as much as I am.

from Ali


French Philippe said...

De retour en France après notre visite du mardi 2, je viens de visiter votre blog.
The pupils of my class will add comments soon.
Merci encore de votre merveilleux accueil.
Philippe DULLIER
Masserine School (Pulnoy)

collège dieulouard said...

hello!!we search on computers and enciclopedys in cdi the informations on the laws and alcohol.and you?