Scottish Education Awards 2007 - By Kylie

The Award Ceremony
As we approached the City Halls I was just so nervous and excited. I'd been chosen to represent the school as we had been nominated as finalists in the Scottish Education Awards for 2007. We had been nominated for both catogeries ICT and the International Award. As we entered the City Halls we headed up the stairs and then we went to the breakfast reception.
After that we went to the Grand Hall for the awards ceremony. When Sally Magnusson announced the winner of International award, Kelvin, Andrew and I were all overwhelmed and over the moon that we'd won. So we whooped and cheered and just started giggling. We headed for the stage and as Fiona Hyslop handed us the trophy we flashed big, cheesy grins for the cameras.
We had lunch at the old fruitmarket which used to be used for auctions. While we waited for our lunch a magician entertained us with magic tricks which were magical!
We also watched a stunt man going into a gigantic green balloon like the magicians you see on television. As we left with our goodie bags and our International award we were still overwhelmed with winning. It was definitely a life-changing experience and if I could do it again I definitely would!

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